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Tibetan Singing Bowl

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Tibetan Singing Bowl

Have you ever heard of a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

These gorgeous bowls may just look the part of a decorative item, but they actually facilitate ancient healing practices that have been known for thousands of years.

When you roll the mallet, or “striker,” around the edges of the bowl, it produces a sound, or starts to “sing,” and the “song” these bowls produce provides immense benefits to every practitioner.

Once you try it out, you’ll start to notice your breathing and feel an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation wash over you, ridding yourself of all your pent-up stress and anxiety.

In Indian tradition, these bowls are said to also have wonderful balancing effects on a person’s chakras.

They can also help promote a healthy immune system by tapping into certain frequencies.

And they can get your brain “in the zone” by producing Theta waves that enhance clarity and intuition.

A 2014 American Journal of health Study actually showed that by reducing brain activity these bowls can also improve circulation and blood flow.

With all these wonderful benefits, why wouldn’t anyone want to listen to this bowl’s “song”?


Promote relaxation: This bowl is a wonderful solution to help you unwind.

Reduce stress and anxiety: It also will alleviate your accumulated stress and anxiety.

Chakra balancing: The “song” produced from this bowl can also balance your chakras.

Healthy immune system:  Another added benefit of this bowl is the promotion of a healthy immune system.

In the zone: Get “in the zone” when this bowl helps you produce Theta waves in your brain.

Circulation and blood flow: This bowl will also help facilitate better circulation and blood flow.


Due to different monitors, picture may not reflect the color of actual bowl.

Package Includes:

01 Tibetan Singing Bowl & 01 Hammer.

Dimensions: 8cm/8.5cm/9.5cm/10.5cm/11.5cm/12.5cm/17.5cm