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Toneup Arm Shaping Sleeves (Shapewear)

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Toneup Arm Shaping Sleeves

Finding ways to tone up your flabby arms? These Toneup Arm Shaping Sleeves can help you instantly!

Designed with extra tight fabric specially to compress the arm and tone up loose and sagging arm muscles, it helps shape your biceps over time. With soft breathable non-slip fabric band design and easily concealable with long sleeve shirt, it is comfortable to use daily anywhere you'd like. Ribbed texture and advanced compression technology help squeeze off those fats, tightens and firms cellulite for improved muscles response after few uses. Enhanced blood circulation and reduced fats will keep you healthier and enjoy a happier lifestyle!

Package Includes:
01 Pair of ToneUp Arm Shaping Sleeves (Black or Biege, universal size)

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