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Ultimate Flashing Life-like Twitching LED Fishing Lure (USB Rechargeable)

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Ultimate Fishing Lure with USB Rechargeable Flashing Life-like Twitching LED Fish Design

Fishing will never be so difficult anymore with this smartest life-like multi-hook artificial fish design fishing lure that promises very high chance of fishing success.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced fishing expert, this modern design fishing lure is very likely to save you tremendous time waiting for fishes to look for your bait! Flashing and vibrating LED light in the dark waters in life-like smooth and rapid fish diving and swimming action makes it a perfect and most attractive bait among all other beings.

This brand new lure is made of high quality and anti-corrosion material durable enough to withstand heavy fish. It is water activated to behave like a living fish.

With rechargeable capability, the flashing LED can be charged in minutes by USB port conveniently from your computer or smart device nearby.


Includes 01 fishing lure and rechargeable cable.

Length/Weight: 11cm, 50g

Package Size: 7.09in x 3.94in x 1.97in

Battery: 50mAh

Battery Charging time:15~20 minutes. (NOTE: Please do not charge for over 20 minutes, or this product will burn out)

Battery Working Time: about 50 minutes if full charging.

Please allow delivery of 2 to 4 weeks from your purchase date.

    You are not going to waste too much time waiting for the fishes anymore...

    This twitching lure can be the game changer for your fishing experience!

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