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Vehicle-Mounted Drink Holder (Automotive)

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Vehicle-Mounted Drink Holder

There’s nothing worse than spilling your drink when you’re driving down the road because your cup holder failed! With the Vehicle-Mounted Drink Holder, you will no longer have to worry about that! It has an open-close cup mouth, so it can be adjusted to fit almost all types of cups! This cup holder mounts to the inside of your vehicle and can be adjusted from left to right to allow for the most comfortable use of the space inside your car!

Its 360-degree rotatable cup body can be transformed into a double cup-holder, and you can use it for an additional beverage or to hold other essential items. It also has shock-proof cushion pads to stabilize the cup and absorb the impact from pushing on the brakes to prevent spills.

Product Features:

Adjustable! The cup holder can be adjusted to allow for the optimal amount of space in your car. It can also be adjusted to fit almost all types and sizes of cups, whether thick or thin.

Transforms into Two! The cup holder can be transformed into two separate cup holders for even more cup storage in your car.

Space-Saving Design! The bracket is equipped with 2 storage cups with large capacity, for the purpose of saving car space and can hold two drinks at the same time. The cup holder has a convenient design and is suitable for various car seats.

Shockproof Cushion Pads! These pads can be used to stabilize the holder and reduce vibration.