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Vintage Motorcycle Alarm Clock

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Vintage Motorcycle Alarm Clock

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast?

This Vintage Motorcycle Alarm Clock is a wonderful product for all the motorcycle lovers out there.

Perfect to remind you of the times out on the road when you can’t be there. It’ll make you dream of the fun you had on the wide-open road.

This alarm clock has the retro feel you’re looking for, with dimensions that make it an ideal size to fit on a nightstand, bookshelf, or desk.

Although it has very intricate and beautiful designs, this item is also very functional. It comes equipped with a quartz clock that’ll tick the minutes away until you can get back out on the road.

Get this miniature hog today. You’ll sleep like a baby until the next time you can take a ride on the real thing.


Intricate design: The design of this bike is so intricate you’ll get lost in looking at all its beautiful details.

Quartz clock: The front wheel is equipped with a quartz clock, perfect for keeping accurate time.

Alarm clock: This bike also has an alarm clock setting, so you’ll never wake up late for your morning ride to work again.

Product Details:

Includes 01 Vintage Motorcycle Alarm Clock.

Note: 01 AA battery is needed (not included for safety reason)

Color: Gold, Silver

Size: 8.5”x2.25”x4.75” (LxWxH)