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Vinyl Turntable Air Freshener (Automotive)

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Vinyl Turntable Air Freshener

What's more unique than this Vinyl Turntable Air Freshener in your car? We're sure your family or friends will zoom in and ask you where do you get this from? You can hardly find this in any other store... LOL.

Designed not just for vinyl record lovers, this cute and cool freshener gadget keeps any passengers' eyes fixated even though it doesn't produce any sound but does its job diligently to distribute nice ocean scent evenly within your car when the air conditioner is turned on. For music lovers, it helps to motivate and lift their spirits. For car lovers, it adds both uniqueness and an elegant sense in your car with its luxury wood-grain design! For everyone else, it's a "wow" eye-opener and cool gadget indeed.

Also a great gift for your friends or just to enjoy during any long ride. You just won't regret getting one now!

Product Features

  • Available in 3 scented record discs;
  • Super luxury retro wood-grain design;
  • Vinyl recorder style real turntable action;
  • Corrosion-resistant texture base for durability;
  • Lightweight aluminum shell & gold magnetic head;
  • Small & cute aromatherapy clip: 2.2*2.1*1.6in (5.6*5.5*4cm) with non-slip soft clips;
  • High-quality parts won't fall during use, ensuring driving safety;
  • Environmentally friendly long lasting ocean fragrance;
  • Very easy to use, don't worry at all!